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Mount isA dry red wine

Grape varieties: Silas

Oak barrels aging time: 12 months Soil: soil the red rocks

The vines year: more than 25 years Origin: Clare valley, south Australia

Excellent producing area

Clare valley vineyards located in the north of south Australia, moderate moist Mediterranean climate has a huge temperature difference between day and night, and ripe grapes with higher concentration of sugar. Good rich full-bodied grape fruit, when you are tasting can smell the rich black berries (such as blackcurrant, pudding, blackcurrant) perfect with the scent of vanilla, pepper and spicy.

Traditional craftsmanship, winemakers use American oak barrels made wine emits light coconut milk fragrance, make the body more full. Suitable tannin after entrance to let a person feel gentle and comfortable, with rich aroma and light tobacco, make the body more complicated and interesting, aftertaste letting a person is boundless. With the mature of wine, more smooth more moderate wine rich fruit fragrance, the obvious choice for the feast.

Brand idea

Named issa mineral area in Queensland, Australia. That piece of land full of great potential for mineral deposits, as well as tough and lonely prospectors. Is like first ZhuangGuo Lord, with his precise eye bought a piece of rich yield potential of the vineyard, and strength of character to study grape planting and brewing technology.

From line by selected later to pick grapes, to strictly control each of the winemaking process, the plantation owners always pursued all the Clare valley grape essence, concentrated in a bottle of wine. Now, for you to appear in every bottle of Mount isa, all rich full-bodied amorous feelings of south Australia, concentrated the 35 years since Lord zhuang for the persistence of the wine and the heart.


Adhere to the pursuit of mature grape grain, every grape and high sugar content. After that, select the grapes will be fermented into breweries in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats. At the same time, the winemaker could decide according to wine tank fermentation time, it also test winemaker years of experience. Estate select high-quality American oak and aged for 12 months.

Finally appear in front of you the Mount isa with unique clear ruby colour, rich red berries and smoke, toast, flavor, full and balanced wine, and soft tannins and a nice finish. Is your dinner party and festival gifts the perfect partner.

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