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      The new economic environment, Chinese enterprises to the new historical mission, also created Chinese consulting industrys rapid development, more and more enterprises with well-known consulting services of the successful cooperation, indicates that the relationship between the two will be more closely. As a local Chinese management consulting industry pioneer and leader, North China not only familiar with the esoteric management theory and management of law; is the worlds advanced, mature, and practical management ideas and tools for quickly introduced and used in enterprise, becomes on the management practice of guiding significance to the operation, the executable program, this is management consulting value, is the North China advocated Professor, consultant and entrepreneur management" three dimensions" theory realization way.    

      North China has successfully for nearly a thousand enterprises to provide advisory services, North China through the development of more than 10 years, is also the domestic consulting industry exploration and development of miniature. Through the specific group specific services in the field of strong interaction mode and three stage quality assurance system, North China has successfully solved the scale of service and individualized service and the relationship between, solve the guarantee service quality and maintain the relationship between enterprise development speed. Customers feel is not only the project value, is in the whole process of consulting, advisory company of the rich management knowledge and" hard" working spirit and constantly delivered to the enterprises knowledge transfer and demonstration effect of value; at the same time with the North China brand and reputation of the accumulation, with strong influence value. North China in mind" to promote enterprise reform and development " of the corporate mission, not only by the customers respect; to peers and staff respect. North China always adhere to the individualized service and the service life of the ideas, efforts and customer service to establish long-term strategic cooperative partnership.
      North China is ready to accept new challenges, more willing to become entrepreneurs at the height of the new challenges of the hands of braces, helping enterprises to jump higher, jump farther, to achieve the ideal of North china.

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