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      Anhui import and Export Corporation was founded in 1979, is a franchise of import and export trading company, is Chinas six largest import and Export Chamber of Commerce, import and export volume of more than billion dollars. Since the beginning of 1989consecutive years by the State Ministry of foreign trade and Economic Cooperation ( now the Department of Commerce ) named national foreign trade 500 strong. In 1999 the company successfully passed ISO9001quality system certification, the bank taxation credit grade AAA.
      The company was founded in 20years, at home and abroad all the friends of the utmost support, to achieve a total import and export volume of more than US $3000000000. The company has a vibrant, high-quality sales team, a group of professional management of goods. In 2006 the company annual import and export volume172000000 U.S. dollars, and the world more than 100 countries and regions to establish a stable trade relations. With the companys own brand HANDY style, office supplies and toys NATURAL as the representative of the product already enjoy high reputation at home and abroad.
      Capital of Anhui Province in Hefei City have lots of bustling commerce and building a fixed number of samples on display, in the domestic and foreign customers in good business reputation, and the hundreds of manufacturers have long-term stable relations of cooperation. Companies in the fierce competition and constantly open up new markets, new customers and new products every year, sent several trade delegations to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, participation in relevant international fairs and professional trade fairs, the order will. Implementation of e-commerce company with customers around the world on the Internet exchanges and communication. LAN through the full implementation of the internal operation and management control.
      The companys main products include toys; bags; clothing; textiles; machinery; auto parts; metal ores; chemical and medical products. The brand has HANDY, NATURAL, LITICH, RAISE, LONG. Main imports of steel products, lumber, plywood, paper pulp, wood pulp, rubber, plastic, raw materials, wool, polyester acrylic fiber type, medicine and medical equipment, important raw material for chemical industry machinery and equipment and other goods. The main export products are toys, sports goods, the "scholars four jewels", textile raw materials, mineral products, motor vehicles and parts, household electrical appliances, electronic products, metal products, and pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical products, clothing, bedding, and feather products, soil animal products, embroidery, bags, shoes, gloves, and special arts and crafts, bamboo grass willow and other commodities.
      The company entrusted, agent of the import and export business; operating technology import and export business; contractors processing, sample processing, assembly operations; conduct compensation trade business; contractors Sino-foreign joint ventures, cooperative production business.
      Companies adhere to the perfect, sincere service purpose, adhere to scale and benefit to develop simultaneously, export and import simultaneously, both self-and agent approach, to create a loyal, trustworthy, high quality, efficient business brand, to achieve the companys rapid growth and sustainable development.

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