Concrete Prefabrication Technology Innovation
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Anhui Hezong project is a demonstration project of highway BIM Technology Application of Ministry of transport.

Technological innovation solves the problems of long project period, high standard, high requirement and tight construction.

T-beam automatic production equipment

This patent is mainly applied to T-beam automatic production line, which is composed of full hydraulic fixed formwork + mobile base + automatic concrete feeding and distribution system + steam curing system.                     It can solve the adverse impact on production efficiency caused by traditional process interleaving operation, make full use of labor force and mechanical equipment, improve the use efficiency of tooling equipment.

Comb plate structure of prefabricated component protective layer

This patent has played a great role in the protection layer and flatness of the top surface of the pile slab subgrade bridge deck, steel plate composite beam bridge deck and 25mt beam. It effectively solves the problems of insufficient thickness and poor flatness of the protective layer on the top surface of prefabricated components, and significantly improves the qualified rate of the protective layer thickness.

Distribution beam fixture for steel trestle construction

This patent is applied in the installation and construction of steel trestle distribution beam, which can not only speed up the construction period, but also improve the connection quality, avoid high-altitude welding operation, and improve the construction efficiency.

Locating pin for steel formwork installation

This patent can effectively shorten the installation time of formwork and significantly improve the appearance of pier column.                    
The positioning pin can be disassembled and recycled, and the positioning is more accurate.

Mobile trolley for construction of light T-beam flange jig

This patent is applied to solve the problem of large span of steel bar binding in the project, which effectively reduces the time of steel bar binding, saves the time of making wing plate, and improves the work efficiency.

Six point lifting device for pile slab subgrade panel

This patent project is applied to the hoisting construction of pile slab subgrade panel. The structure of lifting device can ensure the stress of the lifting point is consistent, the production cost is low, and the use is convenient, labor saving, the use time of gantry crane is saved, and the construction efficiency is improved.

Used for positioning device of reserved hole of precast cover beam

This patent project is applied to the positioning of prefabricated bent cap reserved channel, with simple structure, fast operation and improved positioning accuracy.

Adjustable soil sampler for precast pipe pile

This patent project is applied to all kinds of bridge driven piles. The adjustable soil sampler not only has simple structure and low manufacturing cost, but also reduces the difficulty of pile core soil sampling, ensures the construction quality, safe working environment and small workload, improves the work efficiency of workers, saves time and reduces cost.

Integral tensioning device for arc flat anchor of steel plate composite beam

This patent project is applied to the integral tension of arc flat anchor of steel plate composite beam. After use, the tension time is short, the operation is simple, and the safety is good. The whole tension is in place at one time to ensure the tension quality.

Rotary screw for prefabricated formwork

This patent has been applied in the centralized processing and construction of prefabricated members such as prefabricated beam body, cover beam, precast slab, box culvert and so on. Compared with the conventional technology, the gantry crane can be removed without lifting, which can greatly improve the construction efficiency and save the space for formwork use.

Nail shooter for installation of prefabricated culvert waterstop

This patent is of great significance to reduce resource consumption and improve quality and efficiency under the market background of increasing demand for nail shooters and diversified development directions.

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