Jangsu SUMEC & our company visit the YTO Group
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General manager Ye Zongcai line and a chairman Zhao Yanshui take a picture
In February 8th, my company general manager Ye Zongcai and company partner Jiangsu SUMEC engineering machinery Mr. Tang Yigui a visit Henan Luoyang YITUO Group museum! A group of related staff for our detail introduction!
General manager of Ye Zongcai lamented in early New China development China Agricultural machinery manufacturing industry to be not easily won at the same time, also for the present new series" East is red" and" the East is red tractor" hard working partners and proud! Visiting in two days, let us for a process of growth, development, scope of business areas such as a detailed understanding of, and eventually in China YITUO Group Chairman Zhao Yanshui machine with nostalgia, the visit ended successfully!

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