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China Construction machinery industry is a fast growing and dynamic industry, after 50 years of development, the scale of industry gross jumps house world first place, become Chinas national economic development one of the important pillar industry, formed a strong design and development capabilities, large-scale manufacturing capacity and more perfect after sale service network of industrial cluster.
Expected during the 12th five-year plan the whole construction machinery industry market size will reach 900000000000, service-oriented enterprises will gradually become the mainstream market.
China mechanical engineering six major production bases are Xuzhou, Changzhou, Xiamen, Changsha, Jining and Liuzhou and its surrounding areas. Hefei because of Hefei Hitachi and matching pieces of Hefei power enterprises, as well as Chinese forklift industry pacesetter companies one one Anhui together forklift group and the Anhui TCM, is currently Chinas construction machinery industry is a large production base, and has a good development prospect.
As the engineering machinery industry is a large manufacturing base, Hefei has a wealth of spare parts supply and related industries talents. This is a good soil for long-term development.
In the engineering machinery industry, product sales will be sales service, how to take the customer as the center, customer oriented, providing personalized, customized services will be able to cater to the needs of customers, this will become a source of creating value for customers, to become a long-term development of the starting point and foundation. How to become a out of the ordinary of the service oriented mechanical engineering and construction industry service enterprise, innovation and learning the advanced service model, to establish a strong sense of service, want to before the user, urgent in the user first, increase the investment service, enhance the long-term culture, and gradually establish and perfect their own service system and a reasonable service flow and standard, and gradually expand the scope of services ( such as products and accessories, area, project information, financial services ), to provide a deeper level of service, is seeking the services of differentiation, walk out of a way out of the ordinary.
A originated from the source to the dream, passion and spirit of innovation.
A start based on engineering machinery of international and domestic trade and related fields of professional knowledge and rich industry experience and extensive industry connections -- including in domestic, international construction machinery R & D, production, sales in areas such as many industry participants, the relevant government departments, industry associations, construction units and partners.
A founder can lack of charisma, the team members also each other self-identity, attract each other, like-minded, have a common vision, the same or similar values.
Go start to uphold modern management concepts, advocate science, standard, advocate and innovative use of electronic commerce service industry.
A person with respect to each other, equality, trust, and jointly create value.
Go to the pursuit of high efficiency, high customer satisfaction under high efficiency.
A valued customer value, pay attention to a reasonable standard process, pay attention to team learning, in order to obtain a reasonable return.
A man, in order to pursue the common cause, in order to happiness, success and sense of value, together hand in hand.

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