A new mechanical and electrical tea party held
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On January 18, 2012 afternoon 3 when, Anhui Farway Machine & Electronic Co.,Ltd.,all my colleagues of zhe company in the newly renovated office meeting room held a tea party, general manager of Mr. Ye Zongcai in the peace and quiet, family type atmosphere conference speech, review a year to progress and harvest, looking a direction, a small direction and each business module target. Sitting at the table, my colleagues speak, or speech or look forward to, or Jane or fine, or long or short, or park or true ... Imperceptibly in micro the night, lights, sound of firecrackers, fireworks color bright Xuan hua. Fresh exotic aromas in wine and cork, home cooking has been unable to hold oneself back to send out a thick have the Spring Festival taste, warm and mellow, night, the orange light, a person is. This is the way people left a deep mark on the history and the warm moment ... ...

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