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KD135 double wheel of steel12 tons roller, Sauer drive system, vibration system, stable performance, safe and reliable;
Full hydraulic wheel driven by a hydraulic motor, gear stepless variable speed, simple articulated steering;
A unique wedge structure, flexible;
Built in wet multiple disk brake, unpowered oil brake, multiple protection, safe and reliable.

Vertical vibration road roller. Vertical vibration technology to make the vibration energy loss to a minimum;
Under the same operating conditions, reducing operation cost more than 75%; the service life is prolonged more than 50%;
Operation efficiency is greatly improved, corresponding to shorten construction period.

Impact roller. Compaction degree is high, influence depth ( depth can reach more than 1 meters ), large settlement.
The machine is composed of high power traction engine to drive, work efficiency than conventional vibratory roller of high34times.
The machine has a buffer device and adopts the multi-stage damping and reliable anti-loosing measures, so the whole machine reliability.
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