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360degrees of swing set rotating pile machine ( Brand:" Japanese vehicles ." )
Equipment of advanced technology, strong functions, wide application. Can be used in special geological conditions, the operation space is narrow, urban construction limited by space and through other piling pile construction method has difficulty piling pile construction.
For Metro Line 9 in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu City municipal engineering construction (see" pile " column engineering case ).

*Farway can undertake relevant projects with its own devices,or provide equipment leasing services for zhe customers!

A mechanical and electrical agents, Safeway sliding cleaning machinefor cleaning road lanes, sidewalks or other rigid pavement wastes, as well as to the construction of outstanding work of cleaning.
Hook lifting function, maintenance construction site, municipal, greening, farms often need to some not long distance mobile equipment such as electric cutting machine, manual hydraulic pick for mobile, skid steer loaders equipped with a hook can be competent.
Concrete mixer, can be used for timely, fast, small construction site to provide high quality cement concrete.

This equipment is mainly used for highway and city road pavement milling and maintenance, excellent performance, good construction effect.
A Wirtgen milling machine, Keyes465 skid steer loader ( sweeper ), Safeway slip sweeper had voted for expressway pavement maintenance (see" pavement " column engineering case ).

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