Study of 12 kinds of animal spirits
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      Treat the first job attitude, largely determines whether you can complete smoothly from one man to the transformation of society. Therefore, the correct concept of work is very important. First person in society should be how to construct concept work? The following is a engaged in human resources work more than 12years of professional advice. The right concept of work, as a way of life of the lamp, not only will lead you in the right direction, also for individual career to create rich resources. Following I in 12animal spirits analogy, in them can see the different work values.
One, good shepherd: new-new generation most criticism is the lack of a sense of responsibility, as a new learning concept, the establishment of responsible, competent, colleagues think would make. With a little bit more learn more about the state of mind, you will soon enter the state.
Two, unity and cooperation of the bees: new into the company, often do not know how to use the strength of the team to finish the work. Now the enterprise is very particular about TeamWork, which includes not only by the team, seeking resources, also contains the initiative to help others, to groups.
Three, perseverance dedication salmon: new life because of their uncertain often half-hearted, not knowing what to do in the future. Setting goals is the first to do their homework, then that is perseverance dedication to forward. The way of course should stop to examine how the results, but to become a person, mostly without a single success.
Four, ambitious Hongyan: too many young people because of greed light-hearted moment, and give up the prospects for the future could create challenges. Always encourage yourself to target distance.
Five, sharp eagle eyes: new first learn to distinguish between right and wrong, know how to carefully observe the current situation. Blindly accept the instructions, regardless of right or wrong, will be less effective, lack of appreciation and encouragement.
Six, stand on solid ground of the elephant: an elephant walk very slowly, but work steadily, accumulated solid strength. Newcomer should not speak as if it were raining flowers, but not the one one implement. Stand on solid ground will let people have a sense of security, are willing to give you more responsibility.
Seven, swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load camel: work pressure, interpersonal relationship, is often too heavy a burden rookie. The road of life is very long, learning the spirit of the camel load, can safely reach the end.
Eight, punctual cock: many people have no concept of time, being late for work, not timely delivery and so on, are no concept of time lead to consequences. Time is the cost, cultivation during the time cost of new ideas, help later on when promoted to enhance work efficiency.
Nine, indebted goat: you can like a sponge to absorb the experience of others, but the workplace is not a tutorial, nobody has the obligation to teach you how to do the work. Nurturing the spirit of the goat study, with a grateful heart, the work will be more happy.
Ten, courageous lion: for major cases, the courage to accept new cases, for the new is the best temper. If the opportunity should be brave enough to challenge the impossible, so as to accumulate the experience of others are not, a promotion may be you.
Eleven, ingenious monkey: some of the work process is often immutable and frozen, people do not understand the advantage of existing practice, and be able to create new ideas and methods. Blindly accept the work of the delivery, only to learn the working methods of the fur, strain can think, will learn the essence of methods.
Twelve, understanding the dolphin: often ask myself: I am in charge of the how to do? Help to absorb the way to deal with. Savvy at work, will reduce the charge, working with the burden, but also make you more popularity.
Finally, I would like to propose the new job, first job should not be too care about salary, to will be far sighted, holding the attitude, will have a brighter future. It is important, when you have the right concept of work, then find someone else in the workplace, the advantages to learning, observe the shortcomings of others to be alert, the first job will let you boundlessly.

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