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      The French media tycoon, Laon had cancer, dying, a question by a local newspaper, collect the answer, the topic is: the poor lack is what? Where the answer and he previously locked in a safe in the same answers, you can get one million francs bonus. The results, in nearly fifty thousand answers, only a little girl named Tiller got the full bonus. Her answer was: ambition.
      This local rise in vibration, when people discuss the little girl why lucky to get huge bonuses at the same time, more of his life philosophy and way of life for reflection.
      In China, ambition is often pejorative color, in fact, Bala ang called ambition is not means politicians seize power ambitions, but one that has no change, and constantly go beyond, so that they reach a peak of dream life.
      Dreams and ambitions, everyone had, you ask the kindergarten children grow up and what do you want? Ninety percent say that want to become a scientist, writer or other every kind of great men. Today is yesterdays our little friend. With years of efforts, experienced a dull life, numerous failures and setbacks, or to finally solve the food problem, the realization of a small rich Anns we, found, has no ambition or dream. " A bowl of rice to eat, you poor play recklessly"," the middle-aged everything cease"," Im retired people, also a map of what", so, around us can hear many many. But real success, but always with the dreams and ambitions, and continue to move forward, to make ordinary people far beyond ones reach success. The Great Wall of broadband boss Yang s4 years old cant walk, all the time spent in hospital. Primary school, because the body is weak, and short, often being bullied. After growing up, many conditions better than his students to have a good job, but he was very ambitious, convinced that he is a finally block will shine gold, determined to do a great cause. I have dream, Yang Aerospace studies continue to improve, has been praised teachers and students; because that the dream will be realized, Yang space through the cause of the start-up hard, the Great Wall broadband made a well-known, but he has finally become the age of the Internet elite.
      Yang Aerospace said: " when you picked up a piece of gold, you dont go to see someone holding what, you believe yourself is a be above." When we feel humble, especially cannot break dream wings. There is a popular saying: the switchboard - today, tomorrows director. The dream in your heart, from the most basic work, and constantly go beyond the self, construction workers may also become a real estate tycoon, fast food delivery may also become a chain group manager. Some people who are poor or mediocre, live, mostly because there is no dream, or to give up the dream, in the status quo, themselves into mediocrity. If the heart has no dream, the ugly duckling will never change is not the white swan. When we are content with the current situation, we may wish to have a look, Laon -- the use time of ten years only then rapidly among the French billionaire ranks "ambition" -- in explaining why you want a million francs syndrome a activity in the anterior set will:" I had a poor man ... ... I dont want to put my secret away to become rich."
      Let the" ambition" home again awaken you sleep for a long time dream and ambition"".
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