Determine the success of the ten positive attitude
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1, Resolution
Determination is the most important positive attitude, determination, rather than environment in determining our destiny.
2, An attempt to heart
Ambition, which is expected to reach its goal of the success of the will. To be successful, just hope is not enough.
3, Active
Passive to the fate of others is arranged, is negative for the opportunity comes, once the opportunity not to, he cant. Everything should be active, there will be no harvest.
4, The enthusiasm
No one would like to be a day not to mention the spirit of the people, without which leadership would like to promote a passionate subordinate.
5, Love
Deep is your love for all actions of the source. Willing to give people, lack of caring people, it is unlikely to get the support of others; lost the support of others, from the failure will not be too far away.
6, Learning
Information society s core competitiveness, has been developed for the study of the competition. Information update cycle has been shortened to less than five years, the crisis will follow us around every day.
7, Confidence
What is faith? Confidence is the eyes still see trust, its final return is you really see.
Build up confidence there are three basic ways : one is to succeed; two is to visualize success; third is their success in one area of the" circle of excellence" by neural language psychological techniques, transplantation into your confidence in the new field.
8, Self-discipline
Everyone is free, however, the price of freedom is self-discipline.
Success requires a strong self-discipline. Is it right? You can stand and family apart, go to the field to promote the product? All of this, is that you must be" forced" they pay the price of success.
9, Hardy
Our pursuit of success, will meet many difficulties, suffering, frustration and failure. You dont defeat them, they will defeat you.
Success has three steps: first, the sharp eyes; second, resolute action; third, constant perseverance. Use your keen eye to find opportunities, use your action to seize the opportunity with you; continuous will become the real success to the opportunity.
Constant perseverance is your strong will.
10, Adhere to
If there is only one success words of secret, what is that meeting? It should be adhered to!
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