How to manage your life?
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Topic background
      There was once a thesis topic, that is two kinds of digging method. One is in a place to dig two spades, can dig out the water, change the place to dig, and no water, then change the place, so it has been dug ah, ah; another is about a place, no matter how hard to dig.
      Their results are hard to say. The constantly changing place who dug the well, perhaps because his flexible, open thinking is dug out water; perhaps     because he tasted, rolling stone and dont dig into the water; another might because he go never change and failure, perhaps because of their faith moves mountains, mountains, encounter water, spring water is gushing out. Our working attitude is not so. Some people from job to job, jumping, or exhausted; some people are unhappy can barely go down, until the old. Different ways of deciding the different life, that is to say, no matter what method is used, must use his opportunity cost to bo. However, harvest what? Back view, not a few people on their choice is satisfactory.
Remove the impetuous began "practice"
      Linzi,the staff of the company
      A friend in a short period of time more than two years actually jump eight slot. Every time talking about this matter, his pride always shows between the lines. Because in the eight companies working experience let him make friends extensively, experience quite much, but that he had a" invincible. " the heart -- everything from their own interests and needs, not for any company to retain and emotional animal. The slightest mistake, job-hopping.
      On the contrary, I have in a short time to hold a company, even a rival company paid to dig also unmoved. Of course, I work at nothing unhappy, because my serious and responsible and willing to learn, my work ability is more and more strong, I in their own learning and progress has been a lot of fun, also received the recognition of leaders. I am deeply remember just arrived in Shenzhen, the first units of the chiefs said to me one word:" any one companys connotation and enterprise culture is not a person in the three five months to learn, whether professional or management, only to remove the impetuous, concentrated practice, ability make faster progress." Practice has proved, the manager s words are right. Because I am today, has become a being dug" angle" of the object, the salary is a lot higher than before. But my friend, still looking for another job and keep on running.
I got a place to dig
      Li Jieying Shenzhen City bonded Management Bureau
      " Norwegian wood, move trees die", saying it may be absolute. However," the pigsty is born, pot to raise million years is the song" I believed. On century eighty time end, I put ones foot down to leave that my small town, his family migrated to Shenzhen. Back view, I to my choice was quite satisfactory. Past students, colleagues, stick it in a place it does not move, now continues to" dig" ... ... Come off sentry duty, the economic downturn, unit disintegration and so on, have been plaguing their! The children have to live up to expectations, admitted to the University, but tuition, living expenses remain high, also make they scratch Lapel see elbow. Children not admitted to the University, but also" took the old ticket", trying desperately to squeeze their parents take off the" passenger ship". And I, as" a place to dig", children get a good education, at least, city life gradually, competition acuteness, master the skills of urgent, in their minds a deep" brand"!
     " Change a place to dig", indeed than those " adhere to in situ dig" people may be more tired, earthy, sometimes with large stones. However, when you gave a great stone fountain open, spewing out of the time, the cool, that nice, dont more excitement!
Establishing clear direction
      Long Aiwen" Shenzhen daily" reader
      The ancients said:" heaven revolves, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement". This in-depth description of diligence, hard for a human talent the importance of self. In my opinion, in the persons life path, must constantly strive in this direction, diligently strive after.
      Cease to struggle and the right direction is indispensable to success. If a person only direction without hard specific actions, it would be impossible to successfully reach the target, the target will become a mirage, exist in name only; but if only to action, while the direction is not clear, the way is not clear, then the individuals energy may be dispersed and not focus, chop and change, the final empty-handed and return. Life is like this, established the right way, will always persist firmly in the direction toward efforts, do consider the situation, in the light of its general trend, to win without pride, defeated, it will taste the sweet victory, life will sublimate.
Dig yourself like the mouth of the well
      Fang Mingwei Jinhai company
      There is a saying:" only the enterprise of deficit, without loss of the industry." As long as the work seriously, no matter which well, can be dug into the water, just how much water there is different, some well water more, some less well water. For our own terms, important should be dug the most suitable for their own love, most well, to dig a well in the process of happy. If you do, dig into the water of course welcome, even to dig the less water does not regret it, because this process they are happy, I can feel very happy.
      For the life, only their own love, is satisfactory. If you dont like, although the well water more, they will not be satisfied. If forced to dig a himself doesnt like, was not happy well, even a very successful career, a lot of water, but the mood is not good, feel that water is bitter, also is not equal to suffer? The life is so cruel.
      For us ordinary people, should try to make our life happy, and unpleasant to let life bearing pain, as another choice, let the life experience of pleasure.

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