Analysis of NPC and CPPCC about cons mach industry
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      In March 3, 2012 5, the" NPC and CPPCC" in Beijings Great Hall of the people is pulled open prelusive," NPC and CPPCC" focus topic are often associated with national development strategies closely related, but also major industries are the focus of attention, which is not only the government pay close attention to and support the key targets, will also be on the industry to pull one hair and use systemic effect.
      Hit the NPC and CPPCC, full range analysis of industry
      Now the people of course once again become the focus of NPC and CPPCC, NPC and CPPCC" advance steadily" as the theme, the regulation of real estate, new energy, price regulation of NPC and CPPCC become hot topic, a lot of good policy is expected to be issued, and as a solution to problems such as the our country peoples livelihood live indispensable engineering machinery industry whether in the NPC and CPPCC many issues of benefit, is the industry in many large-scale projects to rather than continued to wait, the main reason.
      Focus of NPC and CPPCC, infrastructure or column key
      From the current perspective of peoples livelihood, the construction of social security housing and real estate control and transportation infrastructure will once again was listed as the focus of support, the short term, the government will put the infrastructure is put in preferential development position. From this perspective, we can infer that the next 5 years in China s infrastructure investment will not diminish, construction machinery industry, cement, gravel and other related industries will be the biggest beneficiaries, many large sand production line will be in the NPC and CPPCC in succession, cement industry transformation into the sand and gravel industry momentum up shortly, Sany, building and other large engineering machinery enterprises will also be in the foundation construction tide earn basin full earthen bowl is full.
      Market analysis, project machine demand increases smoothly
      From the previous national macro-control experience," NPC and CPPCC" regulatory policy will be engineering machinery downstream industry gradually upward sweep, regulatory impact but also from the real estate, infrastructure construction, mining and other fields is transferred to the engineering machinery, building materials and other fields. Construction machinery industry the most downstream of the crushing equipment production enterprises for example, due to real estate monitoring, infrastructure support and other factors, the infrastructure construction of cement, sand, concrete, the lifeblood of steel demand will increase, and the engineering machinery crushing machines in this field needs is also affected by gravel, cement and other effect of surge.
      Million tons of sand production line and other large projects will be on the line
      Analysis of the industry, by the NPC and CPPCC on livelihood issues once again attention effect 2012, industry of machinery of our country project will present" pre-post-high-low" or" the former low after the firm" market development trend, although the overall trend is steady growth, but the key is to look at the national macro-control and financial policy to grasp the scale, the uncertain factors of relatively large.
      Industry forward, energy saving and environmental protection into the subject elements
      Not only can improve the environmental industry, but also can promote the upgrading of industry and the new energy industry has already become one of the commanding point of the competition, "the NPC and CPPCC" also will be included in the focus of support. At the same time, other related industries for energy saving and environmental protection equipment and waste resource utilization and sustainable development of the initiative will also include support object.
      The construction machinery industry, energy saving and environmental protection and waste of resources to use will become the subject element, of course related projects will benefit. For example, the" Twelfth Five-Year Plan" impact, Henan Shui cement in 2011 using their own low taste, magnesium oxide from waste ore resources exceed the standard, the introduction of Zhengzhou peak limited company of technology of project general contracting Nissan 8000 tons of gravel aggregate production line waste recycling, do, make cement product and broken stone for the construction of direct synchronous synthesis site concrete products, achieve enterprise value maximization of profit.
      Premier Wen Jiabao the government work report said, with greater courage to advance political reform, which means that the stage of development and reform will have hope no longer continue" day later set" approach. Both the construction machinery industry or other related industry can finally get rid of the burden, like Shui cement that unlock hands or feet, bold innovation, implementation industry and enterprise" advance steadily" win-win.
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