China cons machy industry exports show dragon head
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      The lunar new year in February, is Chinas folk known as the" dragon head". Allegedly after hibernating dragon, to this day, will be a spring thunder sound awakened, he looked up and up. In Mechanical Engineering ( China since asphalt tennis ) at the end of last year entered the downturn in the winter period, China Construction machinery industry appeared in domestic brands have been exported overseas prosperity. In fact, in recent years industry of machinery of our country project to the trend of rapid development in the global construction machinery industry shine. Engineering machinery on-line analysis to understand, our engineering machinery sales and sales of the United States, Japan, Germany and beyond, has been ranked first in the world; machine of our country project self-sufficient rate from" fifteen" period 70% the left and right sides, increased to the current 80%, progressively implementation from manufacturing to create a giant leap. Includes a loader, excavator, crane, forklift trucks, bulldozers, rollers, concrete machinery such as a large number of engineering machinery products output ranked first in the world, China has become the real world engineering machinery manufacturing country.
      Recently, two sets of three one 180 stirring station after 88 days of installation and commissioning, Xingang erected in Doha qatar. The successful bid of three one stirring station, first exported to overseas.
In January 8th, Zoomlion concrete machinery company s first 40 meters jib pump vehicle debuts in Burma, officially delivered to customers. The delivery of the 40 m boom pump, is in the sale in Burma in the first 40 m boom pump, Burma is also currently the longest boom pump.
      Late on January 10th, machinery company s first export of rotary drilling rig" Shantui SER22" in Tianjin Xingang sailed to singapore.
      In January 18th, in the Chinese year of the dragon are coming, 6 sets of" River" in 900," River"," 904 River" type 1004 four wheel tractor, with Chang Linzhus profound sentiments of friendship, to Madagascar, opened the" River" of large wheeled tractor 2012 export markets abroad.
      Effects of joining WTO to Chinese engineering machinery to the world
In 2002, China joined the world trade organization. Expert analysis points out, after Chinas accession to the WTO, with advanced technology, management and capital to enter the Chinese market, industry competition. From development the trend looks, because foreign advanced resources introduce, has greatly promoted Chinas engineering machinery products technical innovation, accelerate the construction machinery industry, the adjustment of industrial structure, product structure adjustment and the change of enterprise management mechanism, the enterprise further to the international market. It was in 2002, company of       Chinese project machinery ushered in the internationalization of the yuan, three one group will be the first to sell to overseas, to create China Construction Machinery Export precedent, then, China Mechanical Engineering Corps to overseas market launched a large-scale offensive.
      Ten years of accession to the WTO, Chinese construction machinery export by foreign trade companies turned to enterprise export-oriented self-employed; by the OEM shift to the enterprises own brand exports; mainly to third world countries exports to developed and developed countries; export regions by guerrilla warfare to positional warfare; sales model by direct steering agent system. At the same time, in the development of overseas market process, product performance and quality also rises ceaselessly, the consciousness of intellectual property rights and independent innovation capability has been continuously strengthened, overseas sales channels and service network is perfect with each passing day, overseas investment and capital operation pace to increase, China Construction Machinery overall internationalization strategy layout in recently saw a rise of signs.

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