2011, Chinese finance leasing industry memorabilia
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      1、industry growth is slowing down. Enter since 2011, because the country to adopt a tight monetary policy, the relevant regulatory authorities began to control the scale of financial leasing enterprises, and foreign-funded leasing companies access to funds from the bank is also increased, at the end of the lease contract of financing balance failed to achieve expected trillion yuan, 930000000000 yuan, than going up year of growth 32.9% 700000000000, and the" eleven five " during the annual multiplication growth form apparent contrast.
      2、Of a central file to put forward the development of water conservancy facilities leasing business. In January 29, 2011, a central file" CPC Central Committee and the State Council about accelerating development of water conservancy reform decision" issued. File put forward" to explore the development of large-scale water conservancy facilities leasing business". This is the leasing term was first written a central file.
      3、Department of Commerce issued guidance to promote the development of leasing industry. December 15, 2011, Ministry of Commerce issued" the Ministry of Commerce on the" 12th Five-Year Plan " to promote the development of leasing industry guidance", put forward the " 12th Five-Year Plan" will be innovative financing leasing business model, optimize the development of leasing industry layout, to broaden the financing channels for enterprises, to further promote the development of financial leasing industry.
      4、China International Chamber of Commerce rental committee. In September 14, 2011, China Chamber of international commerce rents Committee formally inaugurated, become the China Association of enterprises with foreign investment leasing professional committee, China Society of Finance Leasing Professional Committee of the third national Leasing Professional committee.
      5、21 domestic leasing enterprises allowed to lease financing business pilot. In 2011, January and December, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Taxation two jointly below, has approved 21 domestic leasing companies leasing business to carry out pilot, at this point, domestic financial leasing enterprises achieve the 8 batch of 66 home.
      6、foreign leasing enterprises increased substantially. Since 2010, foreign financial leasing company approval to the provincial Commission of Commerce and the national development zones, foreign financial leasing company increases considerably, to the end of 2011, registered and operating in the enterprises has exceeded 200, than going up year add about 80.
      7、three financial leasing companies are allowed to build. In 2011, the financial leasing, Beibu Gulf financial leasing and the financial leasing three financial leasing company approved by the CBRC approves the establishment. The three companies in the financial leasing by the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank mainly financed construction, the other two main investment per capita for non-bank enterprise.
      8、Bohai leasing market successfully. Bohai leasing in the first half of 2011 approved by the SFC, the suspension of the" ST Huitong " stock recombination, October 26th formally " Bohai rental " name to appear on the market, become the industrys first A share listed companies.
      9、China finance lease 30 years celebration is held in beijing. On December 8, 2011, Chinese finance lease 30 years celebration was held in Beijing International Hotel, will, in 30 years to promote Chinese finance leasing industry contribute to the development of the unit and individual to undertake commending.
      10、China Construction Machinery exported to foreign countries in 40% by leasing implementation. 2011 China engineering machinery production and sales are more than the United States, Japan and Germany, ranking first in the world. Such as Zoomlion, Sany, Xugong Group and many domestic engineering machinery manufacturer, have established their own financing leasing companies, through leasing implementation of the foreign sales reached 40%, of which more than 50% of zoomlion.
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