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      China Construction machinery industry experienced a rapid development in the" ten years" later, ushered in the cold winter. But the Chinese seem to have chosen this winter as a cocoon into butterflies of the breach, the national construction machinery" Twelfth Five-Year Plan" put forward clearly the key parts as the focus of development, at the mechanical engineering industry weakness. This shows that Chinas revitalization of the engineering machinery industry determination, China Construction machinery industry also reshuffle, and always enjoy the state preferential policies" rice-eating" foreign investment and joint ventures, in the country support independent innovation tide will decide on what path to follow? Senior industry experts made the following analysis:
      Scenery here alone good: China Construction Machinery Market in the future still has bigger growth
      Construction machinery market in the world continued to cool, a large number of the industry giant horse, market uncertainty increases, domestic and foreign enterprises generally feel the chill, generally kept a low profile. But Chinese investment prospects are optimistic about was the vast number of enterprises, the industry generally think that the Chinese construction machinery market is still superior to other mature markets. Although in 2012 the Chinese government to curb inflation and austerity measures the result of Chinas slowing demand, but the market of Chinese project machine still has larger development space, its growth will be faster than other mature markets. During the 12th Five-Year Plan large engineering project construction is like a raging fire, is one of Chinas economic growth. Is expected in 2012 China Construction equipment market will grow 10%. Caterpillar Group CEO Richard - Levin ( RichardLavin ) in the state of Illinois said in an interview, caterpillar China as its biggest market, in the foreseeable future will continue to " fast" growth rate. He said:" we in China in the future, we are optimistic and confident." Foreign enterprises have to increase investment in China market, hope in the future to occupy more market share.
      The new" directory" published" China: raising the threshold to do factory"
      Facing the foreign capital enterprises sharpen ones knife enthusiasm, the Chinese government is improving the entry of foreign capital into Chinas threshold, and to foreign investors in China to enjoy 7 preferential draws to a close. As recently the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce published in full" catalog of guidance of foreign investment industry ( 2011 Revision)" ( hereinafter referred to as the new" directory" ), the automobile manufacturing entry from" encouraged " to remove. But at the same time, continue to maintain the core parts of the preferential policy, continue to be the hydraulic core technology as" encouraged". From the new" directory" content, in guide the orientation of foreign investment and domestic economic structural adjustment in the same direction, is to promote manufacturing industry to upgrade, foster strategic emerging heavy amount, but pay more attention to quality, adjust with increment stock, further improve the utilization of foreign capital. According to expert analysis of win-win, China this improve the foreign capital to enter the Chinese manufacturing industry threshold, while helping to create our own brand, enhance our core supporting parts R & D capability, reverse China is becoming foreign capital enterprise" factory " trend.
      Foreign capital enterprise to show sincerity, win-win cooperation
      China has been determined to be in the winter break foreign enterprises in the core supporting parts on the technological monopoly, implementation project machinery industry in the true sense of the rise, so the 2012 of Chinese construction machinery market, will not only be perplexing, strength is more trenchant year, is China Construction machinery industry enterprises to reshuffle however, rearrangement of year. Whether Chinese enterprises or foreign-invested enterprises are both opportunities and challenges of the year, and the majority of the foreign capital enterprise if you dont want to be abandoned in the Chinese market, we should recognize situation, seize opportunity. Not long ago was the 2010 Jaguar Land Rover and Chery signed a joint venture company memorandum of understanding but then suspend cooperation truth, insiders said was due to the NDRC requires a new joint venture foreign engine project to get the Chinese to put into production, so the two sides need to renegotiate the engine. From that actually departments wishing to transmit voice is very clear, the market has been welcome you to, but the premise is not to simply put the Chinese as a" factory", a senior analyst at CITIC bonds vehicle attitude is very straightforward," whether you are willing, to China, first of all to take cooperation sincerity." Moreover, in raw material and labor prices rising, China manufacturing advantage is weakening, foreign capital enterprise if not out of core technology, may not be able to maintain the existing position in china.
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