Machinery production and sales decline
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       By the international economic situation, market demand is fatigued and weak such as multiple factors, but in 2012 Chinas machinery industry growth rate of main economic indicators will still drop, production growth is expected to be approximately 18%, profit growth is expected to be approximately 12%.
      In the past ten years of the rapid growth, in 2011 Chinas machinery industry growth rate of major economic indicators of overall fall after a rise, profit growth is highlighted particularly. National Bureau of statistics data show, 2011 mechanical industry output monthly growth is rapidder, grew 28.87% in March, in May growth fell to 22.85% in the second half of the year, year-on-year growth rate fell gradually hasten delay. Among them, automobile production and sales growth for the low of the past 13 years.
      At the same time, before 2011 11 months to achieve the profit increase fast fall after a rise, increasing ratio last year dropped 34 percentage points, although December rebound, but the industry is still in the growth rate of the downward trend of benefit.Vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation Cai Weici said, profits fall faster than sales, reflecting Chinas machinery industry industrial structure can not adapt to the changes in demand, in industrial catenary low end areas of excess capacity, and in the high-end equipment field and the world advanced level still has huge gap. Machinery industry industrial structure upgrades imminent.
      Cai Weici said, 2012 will be committed to promoting mechanical industry industrial structure adjustment and upgrading, the industry has a serious surplus of the general processing capability, upgraded into is in short supply of the high-end production capacity, enhance industry long-term development.Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference is expected, in the international economic situation is grim, upward pressure on the cost of long-term existence of multiple factors, in 2012 Chinas machinery industry growth rate of main economic indicators will decline. But the comprehensive policies that favour the development of machinery industry, enterprises cope with the market changes to enhance the capability of a number of favorable factors, mechanical industry of major economic indicators show the former low after the peace sign, a quarter or two quarter may reach down low, thereafter to stabilize growth will. Annual production growth is expected in about 18%, the profit growth rate at about around 12%, the export growth rate at around 15%.
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