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Farway culture: Enterprise style Consciousness system Mental models Team spirit Executive culture
Farways birth comes from dreams, stems from the passion and spirit of innovation.
Enterprise style: diligent exploration innovation competitive dedication
Consciousness system: crisis consciousness consciousness of responsibility consciousness of health awareness of Thanksgiving
Mental models: open mind modest attitude learning mentality and accommodating attitude
Team spirit: participate in the common thinking the achievement of common share
Executive culture: a little more found little more thinking more innovative more action
Farway people have honesty, equality, pragmatic and pursuit
Farway people have respect to each other, equality, trust, and jointly create value.
Farway has pursuit of high efficiency, high customer satisfaction under high efficiency.
Farway values customer value, pay attention to a reasonable standard process, pay attention to team learning, in order to obtain a reasonable return.
Farway people ,in order to pursue the common cause, in order to happiness, success and sense of value, together hand in hand.
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