About US
Farway, in technology, trade, management, education and training has a wealth of experience in the industry experts group;
Farway, with more than 10 years mechanization construction industry especially in engineering machinery industry international trade, domestic trade, engineering, procurement, product selection of pre-sale consultants, after sale service, project bidding, contracting, project management, equipment finance, covering equipment from the purchase, maintenance, rental, sale ( including replacement ( old equipment with old change new ), deal ( to sell used equipment transfer) full cycle within the many other aspects of the rich experience of;
Way to go, and you are willing to share all of this, by sharing with you all this bring value to you, help you to succeed;
Farway, more willing to leveraging the rich industry experience and human resources, through consulting, education and training, relying on talents cultivation and promotion, to promote the development of the industry power;
Responsibilities, is willing to work with you together to create a model of successful education!
Farway mission
Our mission is our soul is our brand, the staff that mechanization engineering contractor to provide comprehensive services for the purpose of the act.
To professional skills and the spirit of innovation, adhere to the principle of integrity and efficiency, to provide customers with superior quality products and services, maintain the companys sustained and healthy development of value-added, shareholders, employees and society to provide a good return.
Farway culture
Enterprise style: diligent exploration innovation competitive dedication
Consciousness system: crisis consciousness consciousness of responsibility consciousness of health awareness of Thanksgiving
Mental models: open mind modest attitude learning mentality and accommodating attitude
Team spirit: participate in the common thinking the achievement of common share
Executive culture: a little more found little more thinking more innovative more action
Farway value
Innovation -- the driving force of our growth
Enterprise development and innovation is the engine, to make the engine flameout, we will continue to break the original balance, negative self, beyond self, to be innovative in target lock is always better than competitors do better, forever for shareholders, employees and customers to create value.
Honesty -- the protection of our existence
Company to "good faith" as a business day, is keenly aware of the fact, honesty is the company s survival and development, prosperity is the fundamental guarantee. Integrity means that the company can gain market credibility, to win customers trust; stresses integrity means our staff must abide by the basic occupation morality, dealing with problems not his career, do not pass the buck ( managers ), do not falsify accounts ( financial personnel ), conservative commercial secrets (all employees ).
Pragmatic -- our standard of behavior
The company advocates" little Didi seeking reasonable, solid do business " pragmatic style, we confirm the company pragmatic connotation is: the ideological reality, honest, practical attitude measures, practical work, achievements of solid. In the pragmatic as code of conduct at the same time, we also emphasize a cadre should learn to retreat, retreat and the combination of pragmatic knowledge, potential and solid combination.
Cooperation -- the cornerstone of our development
Competition and cooperation has become the market on the Yin and Yang of the two force. We want to in the company of people, money, content, produce, for, sell links are maintained with adaptability and creativity, joint venture and cooperation, strategic alliance is probably our best choice.
Staff quality
Treat the business: continuous learning - Analysis of shortcomings, to correct; observation of benchmarking, mimicking the action of
Treat the work: refine on - 99% success against the 1% errors
Treatment of post: responsible for in the end, system of post responsibility only" good" rules, moral obligation is never complete
To be ones unshirkable responsibility system: - system is the enterprise to the staff required lower limit, before the system only obey
Towards enterprise: loyal, concerned enterprise is everyones obligation
Cause treat: be conscientious and do ones best employee occupation, enterprise management should be as a career
Treat colleagues: win-win competition, no competition, no efficiency, excessive competition led to friction, win-win competition efficiency
Position: be treated - insisting on promotion performance priority, up
Treat yourself : strict requirements, code of ethics, understanding easily, in the absence of supervision cases fulfilling difficulties
Treat others generously: humility - enterprise multiple stakeholders career
This to us,go to accompany beside you, walk with you!
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