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Anhui Farway Machine & Electronic Co.,Ltd.is engaged in the machinery market research, development and international trade professionals for many years in 2011 March investment in the establishment of private industry and trade enterprises; company is located in Room 312 – 316, Zheshang Plaza, No.103, Science Avenue, Hefei, Anhui Province, PRC. The companys business scope covers: engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, garden machinery, emergency rescue and regeneration, materials and production product design and manufacturing, construction and leasing, domestic and international trade, technical services, electronic commerce. The company is engaged in civil engineering construction machinery contractors to provide a full range of industry information, technology, training, financial management and security services.
The company based on the civil engineering industry, international and domestic two mechanized construction market, with the continuous development of enterprise; To the history of the mission to seek sustainable development. The company provides engineering construction project consulting, trade and services, leasing, professional training, the most outstanding products and services, and market information to our road flag club membership.
God helps those who help themselves, authentic good pay, equal pay, the letter sincere humanitarian paid. Adhere to professional, focused, people-oriented concept. Adhere to fair division of life comes from our customer service value, service value comes from the vitality, loyalty and satisfaction of employees. Hold on, be in the full vigour of life have a responsibility, proactive, able to fight management team. In the mechanical and electrical engineering industry in constant progress, understand the new information, learn new knowledge, know business management. In the companys development process, we target training, cooperation and support for 100civil or electrical professionals or company members from the start to success, from the start to achieve common development of freedom, wealth!
Enterprise culture: people-oriented honest and trustworthy quality of scientific and technological innovation development
Business philosophy: Security scale benefit
Service standards: customer is God! The company life source for our customers provide valuable information; valuable service from a dynamic, loyalty, satisfaction with the team.
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