SUMEC Group Corporation

      Jiangsu Metroplex group ( SUMEC ) was founded in 1978, is the China National Machinery Industry Corporation ( SINOMACH ) are important members of the business. The company is in the tide of global economic integration, in the long-term and unremitting pioneering, innovation and development, has become China's largest import and export enterprises.
      The company's long-term adhere to market-oriented, through continuous investment and construction, continued to strengthen market development, technology research and development, manufacturing, quality guarantee system of core competence, has a professional technical and marketing combination of strong teams, as well as its own development center, testing center, core products factory.
      The company's main business includes: ship building and engineering construction, electric tools, garden tools, power machinery, solar photovoltaic components such as mechanical and electrical products and light textile and garment products R & D, production, export trade; technology and equipment, the means of production, imports, domestic trade and international bidding business.
      Looking to the future, Metroplex group rooted in China, to have the whole world in view, harmonious and win-win concept, focus on the professional attitude, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, is extremely competitive, well-respected evergreen enterprises forward.
    Mida company with my company cooperation so far in 2001, has established long-term friendly relations of cooperation!

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