• March 2nd in zhe afternoon, Anhui Farway Machine & Electronic Co.,Ltd.General Manager Ye Zongcai and Tianjin auto parts related leaders visited the Hefei Hualong mold Limited company. Hefei Hualong Mold Company Limited is a company specializing in automotive stamping die, fixture, welding fixture design, manufacturing and automotive sheet metal stamping production of large private enterprises. [More]
  • Take the customer as the center, customer oriented, providing personalized, customized services will be able to cater to the needs of customers, this will become a source of creating value for customers, to become a long-term development of the starting point and foundation. How to become a out of the ordinary of the service oriented mechanical engineering and construction industry service enterprise, innovation and learning the advanced service mode, establish a strong servi...... [More]
  • In February 8th, my company general manager Ye Zongcai and company partner Jiangsu SUMEC engineering machinery Mr. Tang Yigui a visit Henan Luoyang YITUO Group museum! A group of related staff for our detail introduction! General manager of Ye Zongcai lamented in early New China development China Agricultural machinery manufacturing industry to be not easily won at the same time, also for the present new series" East is red" and" the East is red tractor" h...... [More]
  • On January 18, 2012 afternoon 3 when, Anhui far mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., the company of all my colleagues in the newly renovated office meeting room held a tea party, general manager of Mr. Ye Zongcai in the quiet affinity, family type atmosphere speech, review a year to progress and harvest, looking a direction, a small direction and each business module target. Sitting at the table, my colleagues speak, or speech or look forward to, or Jane or fine, or lon...... [More]
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