The engineering is mechanical 2011 ten big events
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       In 2011, China Construction Machinery Industry in the sale is unusually hot, gradually return to calm, fever of the CPI, continued tight money, real estate capital regulation and railroad construction stall and so on come one after another, so that the previously be in full swing construction machinery market gradually hasten is cold. Although the domestic market problems restricted the construction machinery industry's rapid development, but, in 2011, China Construction machinery enterprises in overseas market is the repeated success, whether it is hot at present Brazil market or future star ancient continent of Africa, these overseas areas for infrastructure construction enthusiasm is all-time and rising. Overseas mergers and acquisitions, equity, new, Chinese construction machinery enterprises overseas expansion is now in the wind, following on with China Construction machinery business editor to check the first half of 2011 China engineering machinery enterprises overseas market of major events ... ...
Willow technology to speed up the layout of the acquisition of Poland HSW company overseas pace
In January 18, 2011, Guangxi willow Machinery Company Limited ( referred to as willow worker) the acquisition of Poland HutaStalowaWola (HSW ) company engineering machinery division and set up manufacturing base in Europe project preliminary agreement signing. In May 5th, Poland's largest construction machinery and military products manufacturers HutaStalowaWola (HSW ) company said in a statement, has been with the Chinese willow industry group signed an agreement to the company's engineering machinery division sold to willow industry group. December 14th, Liu industry releases announcement to say, recently the company under the wholly-owned enterprises willow machinery ( Poland) limited liability company and Poland engineering machinery enterprise HutaStalowaWola company ( hereinafter referred to as "HSW" ) trade union organizations in Poland, signed a" package deal" of social security. The acquisition of HSW company engineering machinery division with willow industry long-term development strategy. Through this acquisition, willow worker can be established in Poland manufacturing and research and development base, can this as a platform in the European market to establish a highly efficient research and development, procurement, production, marketing services and accessories network, greatly saves the overseas new plant construction costs and time, fast to Eastern Europe market construction into willow labour second domestic market, the products directly are sold throughout Europe and North America and other high-end market.
Sany industrial park opening step towards internationalization
       In June 20th, the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Cologne Germany, Sany Bader Fort Industrial Park opening ceremony was held successfully. The three one German Bader Fort Industrial Park has completed an investment of 40000000 euros, built a plant 10000 square meters, office building 3600 square meters, dormitory 3800 square meters. Second phase investment of 30000000 euros will be launched, will build 8000 square meters workshop and customer experience center, and more than 7000 square meters of research and development center. Germany is the engineering mechanical power, while Germany is Europe's largest economy. By three one in Germany to invest and build factories, we can make the business radiation throughout Europe and neighboring countries.
As China's largest construction machinery manufacturers, three one international strategy is: first of all products go out on the international market, enhance brand and the rapid reaction capability; secondly, went out of business, in the overseas investment to set a plant; third capital go, through the international capital operation, to integrate the international talent, capital, market and so on resource. As of three one 2006 2007, the United States of India, investment investment investment in Germany in 2009, investment in Brazil in 2010, in the global market layout has been initially completed, along with the global layout, Sany will continue to deepen its internationalization strategy, through the integration of global resources to enhance their own strength.
Xu won the 4800000000 China manufacturing orders Venezuela world June 20th, total value 4842000000 yuan Group Venezuela project, first 790, value 3.65
Billion yuan product departure ceremony in Xuzhou economic and Tech