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International Education  

Farway international education provides foreign experts exchange and training and their children studying technology,culture and so on in China 

Go not only understand their own contractor clients, and familiar with the international education, engaged in studying abroad advisory services and for many years by experts, can help the children abroad to overcome do not know relevant national and school, do not understand abroad complicated processes and procedures and other disorders, for every student to arrange International Education Consultant expert consulting and services, to provide personalized advice and counseling, and assistance for a series of procedures, in order to make the students studying abroad can run in both directions unblockedly road.

Farway international education service object
Foreign experts and their children or relatives

                              Engineering machinery operator training

Farway Machine & Electronic provides engineering machinery operator training and occupation planning guidances for the project contractors

Training object:Farway mechanical and electrical engineering contractors recommended 18- 50years of age, physical health, have culture of above of junior high school operators. Rural area registered permanent residence, can bear hardships.

Training mode:Theoretical learning and practical practice, according to their own characteristics and reasonable arrangement.

The training content:Department of technical experts on students professional training system, mainly study the excavators, loaders, rollers and milling machine structure, operation, maintenance and maintenance. Improve operator skill levels, improve the machinery and equipment use efficiency, increase the economic benefits of project contractor.

Employment guidance:Students through the examination to obtain relevant operation certificate, a mechanical and electrical for its presentation of the employment unit.

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