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      In recent years, with China's machinery industry downturn and make its development present a downturn, and abroad especially the developed industrial countries, in this case the timely adjustment of the development strategy, make agriculture machinery industry development presents a kind of new development situation. So the author thinks, in our country major area of main crops in main operation has been basically realized the mechanization of agricultural production condition, face domestic and international new agricultural production situation and agricultural production appeared new characteristic, we should timely adjust our country agriculture machinery development direction, make our country agriculture machinery career fast development of. 
1, agriculture machinery development lies in the intelligence and automation
1.1 agricultural product price glides requirements to reduce their production costs
      In recent years, because agricultural production technology continues to progress, our country agricultural product yield can be improved greatly, which makes its price appeared to glide situation; and due to the impact of joining the WTO, most of our agricultural product price from the international market of agricultural products a more dramatic impact, further exacerbated by China's agricultural products the price decline [1 ] [2 ] the situation, has seriously hampered China's farmers per capita income increased, so many places a large area of the abandoned such as Inner Mongolia's investigation data shows, the whole cast of abandoned land area to already amounted to 570000 mus, about 10% farmers than from farming, begin to leave country from earth to find a new way, and the 15% of the farmers do not leave country from earth in seasonal labor output. In farmer income acute to decrease even unprofitable situation, we must reduce the cost of agricultural products, should analyse our country agricultural product cost is main form, our country agricultural product production cost is abroad is the main reason of the high proportion of its labour force is too high, the proportion of mechanical cost low results, while the mechanical low cost reason is the lack of intelligence, higher degree of automation for farmers to use machines and tools. So to reduce the production of our country produce cost, must develop the automatic and intelligent high compared to agricultural machinery, in order to improve the level of agricultural mechanization, reduce the labor force in agricultural production cost in the share.
1.2 agricultural production staff is aging, feminine characteristics
      Along with the deepening of reform and opening up, many of our industries have high speed of development, especially the tertiary industry development is make a spurt of progress, so that the industry objectively and provide more employment opportunities, heavily engaged in agricultural production, especially the young rural workers have moved into the industry, so to a certain extent, increased the income of the farmer, but on the other hand, make production of our country agriculture from personnel of course of study that occurs with ageing and feminine characteristics. According to the development experience of abroad, along with the social and industrial level development, this phenomenon is becoming more and more serious, such as Japan 's agricultural production staff average age has reached over 60 years of age. In this way, to ensure the timely completion of the production of agriculture, there are two ways -- the process of agricultural production, reduce the amount and intensity of labor; secondly, to improve agricultural production efficiency.
And for these two measures, inevitable requirement is engaged in agricultural production operation having a high degree of mechanical automation and intelligent function. Also have only such, ability makes these aging, female agricultural workers in the agricultural season within the limits of the timely completion of tasks.
1.3 foreign agricultural development experience
      The many years of foreign development experience tells us, the use of intelligent, automated mode of operation is the inevitable trend of agricultural development is the development of efficient, cost efficient way of agriculture. As the developed countries in the world, with the highly automated machinery, not only improve work efficiency, reduce the operating cost, but also improve the agricultural products in the international market the quantity and the price relative advantage. If we now also ignore the high and new technology in the agricultural application, then we and developed country of agriculture of agricultural machinery equipment in the gap will be bigger and bigger, foreign automation, intelligent high degree of agriculture machinery equipment will occupy our market, so that will not only make our country agriculture machinery industry get into trouble, and that would make me agricultural product loss and foreign agricultural products competition ability.
2, the existing scientific and technological achievements and development situation for China's agricultural production automation, intelligent laid the foundation
      In recent years, with China's reformation and opening policy, our country science and technology also obtained make a spurt of progress of development, for the realization of China's agricultural production automation, intelligent lay a good foundation.
2.1 the development of sensor technology
      With the continuous advancement of technology, our sensor technology has entered a new era, its application field is very extensive. As in agriculture, water conservancy on the water level measuring sensor, realizes in the harsh environment of water level data direct reading and fast data acquisition; in grain drying, storage, processing, such as biological fertilizer fermentation of using the temperature sensor, to solve the precision of temperature measurement and long distance non-contact measurement; the harvest machine, through the grain flow sensor applications, can quickly detect harvester per second harvest grain quality M ( T ); through the grain humidity sensor is used, can be achieved on the grain harvesting and storage of grain moisture on-line measurement and monitoring. Other such as speed sensor, displacement sensor, the force sensor and the application technology is extensive, and all these results are obtained for agricultural machinery go automation, intelligent lay a good foundation.
2.2 electronic technology and computer technology development.
      From last centuries since 90 time, the world electronic technology is extremely rapid development, product life cycle has been shortened. China's high-tech also triumphant news., 1994, 6, 0.5 M technology of ultrafine processing in the semiconductor industry has been widely used [4 ]. After the third generation composite device development, the appearance of IGBT, MCT and SITH, has entered the fourth generation of SMART POWER IC new stage. So the miniaturization, micromation chip, for the agricultural machinery automation, intelligent application provides convenient. On the other hand, the development of the computer is more swift and violent, after a short period of 10 years of development, has achieved very large scale integration chip, so that the data processing ability is stronger and stronger, not only speed up the industry automation, intelligent technology development, as well as agricultural automation, intelligent development to promote effect of.
2.3 telemetry and remote sensing technology development
      China's aerospace telemetry in serving the aerospace measurement at the same time, in recent years to the range of the radiation from other areas. Equip China's major measurement base and other industrial sectors, Yu Hai, Lu, air force and civilian areas, and distribution and Australia, South America and parts of Asia, even achieve miniaturization, generalization, serialization, modular [5 ]. Remote sensing technology although starts late in our country, substantial research and application began in the 70's. But because the technology plays an important role in national economy, its development speed very quickly, has made remarkable achievements. As the development of China's satellite, the angle is 70 degrees to 120 degrees, resolution of meter. At present, our country built the return type satellite ground application system, so that our country's satellite remote sensing in mapping and land resources investigation and use plays a great role in the. Meteorological satellite launched successfully, but for other industries in China to create the conditions for the application of.
2.4 robot technology is ripe day by day
      Robot technology is the national high-tech products, to a large extent can reflect the national intelligence, automation level. Our country in recent years by strong investment, to increase the research of robot technology, the robot technology has made considerable development, we not only develop a entertainment such as music director of the robot, and from set out actually, develop industrial welding, assembly robot in small pipe detection, dredge; robot; medical and health aspects of traditional Chinese medicine, developed grasping human operation operation robot; in agriculture with vegetable grafting robot appears, for the production of our country agriculture technology development lifted new canto.
3, conclusion
      Implementation agriculture production automation and intelligent, in our country still needs a long process. Because of the implementation of the strategy not only needs the other aspects of technical support, but also with the agriculture of our country assignment system to combine, so, we should on one hand vigorously develop on automation, intelligent machine basis, but also increase the job object standardization research and implementation, for the ultimate realization of agricultural production automatic and intelligent and hard.

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